“Every day I meet artists that say Merle Haggard is their biggest influence, but Jason Helms’ music really reflects that influence. He writes from the heart about experiences and the songs “Los Angeles” is outstanding. Think “Mama Tried” or “Branded Man”. Carry on the tradition, Jason!”
--- “Cactus” Ken Muray, KTEX – Brenham, TX

“The Jason Helms Band is like a thrill ride at SixFlags, the up and downs of his live show fill your stomach with butterflies and leave you wanting more. His ability to sing and harmonize is a pleasant new sound that isn’t a copycat so called ‘Texas/Red Dirt Band’ sound – no bandanas tied to your head in this band!!!”
--- Phillip Baker, Big Star 97 – Ft. Worth, TX

“I’ve seen a lot of wanna-be’s come through the studio over the years, and it’s refreshing to hear someone who you can really write and sing. Just keep doin’ what you do Jason. You’re a class act and can back it up.”
--- Bill Green – BGM Studios / CD Tex – San Antonio, TX

“Country Artist to watch in 2012!”
--- MTV Ourstage Magazine

“When it comes to Texas/Red Dirt Music, Jason Helms shows what Arkansas folk can do! It’s a new breed of Red Dirt, full of passion, drive and fun.
--- Ben Ryan, KKCN – San Angelo, TX

“Get to know the Jason Helms Band – you’ll hear a lot more from them!
--- Best In Texas Magazine